Discipline 校規

- We do not allow eating and drinking in any of our classes. 課室內不准吃喝。

- All mobile phones and pagers have to be turned off in class. 上課時必須關掉手提電話或傳呼機。

- Smoking is prohibited in all ATP and training Centres. ATP及訓練中心範圍內不准吸煙。

- Notes taken in lectures, course material supplied to students by ATP and information given through lectures are for private study purpose only. The copyright of all these materials belongs to ATP. 所有課堂筆記、學科資料及講授內容,其版權均屬ATP所有,只供學員作私人修讀之用。

- No audio recording is allowed, except with the permission of the Programme Director / Manager,and subject to any conditions stipulated when such permission is granted. 除了得到有關的課程主任或助理課程主任批准外,學員不得於課堂錄音。如獲准錄音,亦必須跟據ATP的要求進行。

- The Director has the authority for ATP disciplinary policies relating to such matters as the conduct of examinations and plagiarism. 院長有權就考試作弊或抄襲等事宜對學員作出記律處分。

- The Director has the right to exclude from class any student whose behavior disturbs the rest of the class, or the class, or who does not abide by any requirements laid down by ATP. 如學員授亂上課秩序或不遵守校規,院長有權敕令學員離校。

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